Customize chemical dosing solutions to optimize and improve the performance of chemical dosing equipment

Water & Wastewater Treatment

MaituFlow has many years of chemical feed experience for a wide range of applications, markets, and different pumping technologies. Chances are MaituFlow can help with a solution.

purification plant

When water purification plants treat water sources, they often need to add some chemicals to purify and disinfect water. In order to make the dosing pump can be accurately dosing, can use our high-quality products.

sewage treatment plant

Wastewater treatment plants also need our products for accurate dosing when the metering pump delivers the following chemicals, for example NaOH, HCl, H₂SO₄, PAC, PAM...

Oil and Gas Industry

The Oil & Gas companies neet to inject chemicals into the processes, in order to increase the production capacity, inhibit deposits, reduce the corrosion, and to make the process more reliable.

Chemical Injection Systems

These chemical injection systems are largely used in the O&G production sites to prevent and mitigate some problems that might negatively impact the process.

Industrial Water Treatment in O&G

They inject chemicals such as nitrate inhibitor, (sodium) hypochlorites, antifoam agents, solids inhibitors, deoilers, biocides, solvents, emulsifiers, coagulants and flocculants for clarification, recovery and sludge dewatering.

Chemical Industry & Power Generation

In chemical processing, the toxic nature of fluids, combined with numerous temperature and pressure variations during production requires metering pumps, back pressure valves, pressure relief valves, pulsation dampeners that is safe, adaptable and highly-reliable.

Chemical Industry

Accuracy, flexibility and performance for the industry's harshest chemical processes

Power Generation

Power plants require a variety of chemicals throughout the facility to enable or optimize processes.

We have invested in the highest quality and standards.

Products include back pressure valves, pressure relief valves, pulsation dampeners, calibration columns, injection valves, y-strainers and other chemical feed accessories.