About Us

Customized fluid valve for personalized taste.
Our serves as a mature manufacturer of fluid valve(Back Pressure Valves And Pressure Relief Valves,Pulsation Dampeners) since 2008. The company takes up an area of 1,500, We enroll 35 workers, consisting of the design team, R&D team, production team, and after-sales team. A total of 6 designers are responsible for the structure and appearance of the products. We have 5 staff to monitor the finished products at different processing phrases. With all the staff full of responsibility, we strive for being the fluid valve specialist with a commitment to quality.

Who we are

MaituFlow Group has focused on manufacturing fluid valve since 2008, as an outstanding OEM & ODM for Back Pressure Valves And Pressure Relief Valves,Pulsation Dampeners, MaituFlow aims to be top fluid valve manufacturer and service provider.

Our Mission

Make elaborate hardware products to make every product perfect.
- Has 16 years of design experience.
- We have a professional design team.
- Sold to 56 countries worldwide

Our Values

We have invested in the highest quality and standards.
- We are deeply committed to providing the safest, highest quality and best-in-class fluid processing equipment engineered to protect, reduce risk, and enhance operational performance for fluid systems worldwide

Industry Experience

Having been in the industry for years, we know the market situation and industry requirements more clearly than most manufacturers.

Market Area

We have accumulated extensive knowledge about the quality standards as well as market needs of thesecountries.

Team Introduction

That is our highly-qualified employees. We have R&D experts, designers, QC professionals, and other highly qualified employees.

Product Advantages

They outperform their competitors when it comes to durability and performance, deeply trusted by both domestic andforeign customers.


We oem fluid valve manufacturers are able to make one-stop customized services according to the needs of our customers.

- Requirement collecting.
- Sketches drawing and confirmation with customers.
- Sample design and manufacture.
- Product testing.
- Quantity production.
- Delivery planning.

Our Products

Welcome to MaituFlow, one of the leading fluid valve(Back Pressure Valves And Pressure Relief Valves,Pulsation Dampeners) manufacturers in China.

Material: PVC, PVDF, SS316L

Back Pressure Valves ensure that certain types of pumps deliver consistent flows or allow for high accuracy and stable operation, while also acting as an anti-syphon valve.

Material: PVC, PVDF, SS316L

Pressure relief valves are designed to protect pumping systems from over pressure damage caused by defective equipment or blockage in the pump system line.

Material: PVC, PVDF, SS316L

Pulsation dampeners are designed to enhance the performance of the pump systems by reducing harmful shock waves and delivering continuous chemical dosage.

Calibration Columns

Calibration Columns

Material: PVC, Glass, SS316L

Calibration Columns, also referred to as calibration cylinders, provide a simple and accurate method for measuring and calibrating pump flowrates in chemical dosing applications.

Injection Valves

Injection Valves

Material: PVC, PVDF, SS316L

Injection valves are designed to safely and efficiently disperse chemicals into process pipelines for better mixing and to prevent corrosion along the process pipe.



Material: PVC, CPVC, PVDF, SS316L

Y-Strainers are designed to prevent debris from entering the pump and clogging the check valves or damaging the interior of the pump head.

We have invested in the highest quality and standards.

Products include back pressure valves, pressure relief valves, pulsation dampeners, calibration columns, injection valves, y-strainers and other chemical feed accessories.