How Much Is the Gas Pressure Reducing Valve and How to Use It

Gas pressure reducing valve is a kind of valve installed in gas bottle to control gas and regulate gas flow. The main function of this kind of valve is to reduce the pressure of medium and adjust the strength of gas. It plays a very important role in preventing accidents caused by gas poisoning. So, how much is the gas pressure reducing valve and what are the use skills of the gas pressure reducing valve?

How much is the gas pressure reducing valve

The price of gas pressure reducing valve is about 50 yuan. The gas pressure reducing valve is used to control the opening of the opening and closing parts in the valve body to adjust the flow of the medium and reduce the pressure of the medium. At the same time, the opening of the opening and closing parts is adjusted by virtue of the pressure behind the valve to keep the pressure behind the valve within a range, and the cooling water is injected into the valve body or behind the valve to reduce the temperature of the medium. This valve is called a pressure reducing and temperature reducing valve.

Application skills of gas pressure reducing valve

1. The function of the safety explosion-proof switch is that if the rubber hose breaks or falls off during use, or the service life of the regulator is out of control later, a large amount of gas flows from front to back to form a pressure difference. At this time, the air flow will push the steel ball to close the gas path, effectively prevent the outward leakage of gas and ensure safety.

2. The design load of the pressure regulator is for the simultaneous use of a double head boiler and a water heater less than 6L. Using the installation method, the hand wheel is aligned with the screw hole of the angle valve of the steel cylinder, the valve body maintains the upright horizontal position, rotates counterclockwise and tighten the pressure regulator,

3. The connection between the bamboo joint at the mouth end and the rubber hose shall be tightly sleeved with an air pipe clamp to prevent leakage.

4. Before normal use, check each connection position with soapy water to ensure that there is no leakage (open fire inspection is not allowed).

Having said so much, we can see that the price of gas pressure reducing valve is different due to the restrictions of brand and material. The general price is about 50 yuan. In addition, it is also necessary to grasp the use skills of gas pressure reducing valve.

How Much Is the Gas Pressure Reducing Valve and How to Use It 1

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